Rent Items from CCT

Children's Community Theatre has a large stock of scenery, costumes, props and other items from our various past productions (full list can be seen HERE). If you, or the theatre organization you represent, is interested in finding out more about items available for rent, please contact us at

Various Items for Rent from our last several productions
(Not all items are listed and we have many items from shows other than the productions listed below. Email us for pricing.)

Wizard of Oz
4 "OZ Chairs" used for "Beautification" Scene
- Oz Chamber Wall
- 2 Munchkin Houses
- Kansas home, complete with front porch
- Kansas barn/Tinman Shed
- Dorothy's bedroom
- Oz Gates
- Witches Chambers (half octogon platform and arch style doorway)

Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
- 4 Egypt Mural Flats
- 4 Desert Mural Flats
- Large Main Platform unit with 3 staircases
- Large Sphinx head
- Well
- "Hairy Crew" camel
- Skeleton Sheep
- Catwalk Unit (used in front of stage)
- Various Benches
- 2 Pineapple flats
- 2 Banana flats
- 2 Palm Tree flats

Music Man
- Gazebo unit with railing
- Paroo House with front Porch
- Train car Walls with windows
- Various Benches
- Arched bridge/walkway


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